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FAA Certified Electronic Ignition

Magneto Replacement

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SureFly has amended both Engine and Airframe STC's to allow for the installation of two SIM's on an engine.


Engine and Airframe installation instructions have been revised to add guidance on how to power the 2nd SIM on an engine.

Specific power requirements for dual and single battery aircraft, and whether or not a 3rd party dedicated backup battery is required, can be found in SureFly's Airframe Installation Instructions SF2001

SureFly is currently promoting the use of TCW Technologies' IBBS if the installation of a 2nd SIM requires a dedicated backup battery system. Please contact TCW Technologies for eligibility and availability and for more info on their IBBS.

Call us TODAY to purchase FAA CERTIFIED SIMs!

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SureFly is a FAA certified electronic (solid state) magneto replacement. The SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) replaces one magneto - generally the left or impulse-coupled/starting magneto on most aircraft engines.

4 and 6 Cylinder SIM's are available for Lycoming and Continental engines.  

Replacing just one traditional magneto eliminates magneto maintenance and cuts associated costs in half!

With SureFly you get zero maintenance, zero rebuilds & zero overhauls.


Most fixed-wing single engine aircraft can enable SureFly's advanced timing feature for improved cruise flight efficiency. Many other aircraft will be able to use the advanced timing feature as the FAA extends SureFly's Airframe STC AML.



For SureFly customers, 500 hours is simply not good enough. SureFly Ignition Modules provide operators a 2,400 hour operating service time. No inspections, no rebuilds, no overhauls. That prevents scheduling headaches and down time. That saves money. Period.



SureFly Ignition Modules have no mechanical parts that wear and all solid-state electronics. 

There's no need to disassemble a SIM like a magneto every 500 hours - which eliminates the chance of introducing a maintenance related failure.


SureFly Ignition Modules deliver a more consistent spark energy with higher accuracy than traditional magnetos. Variable timing advance provides SureFly customers real fuel savings. Low power consumption and light weight (up to 2 lbs. lighter than a Bendix magneto) make SureFly Ignition Modules light on fuel and light on the wallet too.



SureFly perfectly controls timing at TDC below 400 rpm which combined with longer spark dwell and the option to use wider gapped spark plugs, makes starting a breeze, greatly

minimizing wear and tear on high performance

starters and electrical systems.


SureFly Ignition Modules are hand built in Granbury, Texas almost entirely from components manufactured in Texas and Michigan. Designed, engineered, created and supported by the same team that brought you Sky-Tec starters and Plane-Power alternators, our approach to SureFly shares the same commitment, experience and passion for creating and bringing sensible, affordable solutions to the piston engine aviation market.

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With four cylinder units starting at just $1,995 and six cylinder units starting at just $2,195, combined with SureFly's potential fuel savings and low maintenance/replacement costs, there is simply no better value in magneto replacements for Lycoming and Continental engines.  

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