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SureFly Ignition Modules ("SIMs")

SIM4N Front.png



4-Cylinder Non-Impulse Mag Replacement

Replaces 4-cylinder non-impulse coupled magnetos on Lycoming & Continental engines. 4.0 lbs.

Complete, Self Contained Magneto Replacements

SIM4P Front.png



4-Cylinder Impulse Coupled Mag Replacement

The vast majority of 4-Cylinder applications will replace the impulse coupled magneto. 4.4 lbs.

SIM6L Front.png


6-Cylinder Lycoming Magneto Replacement

Replaces 6-cylinder magnetos on Lycoming engines.  5.2 lbs.

SIM6C Front.png



6-Cylinder Continental Magneto Replacement

Replaces 6-cylinder magnetos on Continental engines. 5.0 lbs.

Installation Aids

Optional Components




Tachometer Signal Converter

The Tach Signal Converter (Tach2) converts SIM P-Lead signals to negative –going signals compatible with the Horizon P-1000 digital tachometer input and to a positive-going 0-5V square wave signal compatible with electronic tachometers that rely on a signal from a magnetic pickup inserted into a magneto.


Tach 2 can accept one or two SIM P-Leads as input, converts and conditions the signals and outputs them to corresponding output terminals. The Tach2 must be installed in the aircraft cabin and secured to the airframe with screws and nuts. The Tach2 power input from the aircraft bus may range from 8.5VDC to + 30VDC without damage. The Tach2 consumes less than 0.25A of power.   0.2 lbs.

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