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Ready to SHIP!

Update: We sold out on this run! Thank you all!

That's right! Today, we have both 4- and 6-Cylinder SIM's ready to ship! These are pre-certification units (we are still in the early throes of FAA certification) but these are production units (same units we are using for FAA certification) and ready for "a good home."

For a limited time, we will be selling these pre-certification units at a $250 discount. But strings are attached: if you have never been an early adopter of new aviation technology, we may suggest you let this "deal" pass on to others that have. There's a learning curve involved - both for you and for us. And murphy's law will likely apply at some point in time. So if you're not opposed to some head scratching and trail blazing, give us a call and let's get you one of our first production units for your Experimental aircraft!

Did we mention, YES, we have 6-Cylinder SIMs ready to ship too!?

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