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While's it's not necessarily immediately worthy of a blog post, we just wanted to let everyone know that SureFly's "history" predates this blog by over a year but the new website starts us with a clean slate beginning now.

Much has happened over the past 12+ months. First, we built a world-class team anchored by the core team behind Sky-Tec starters and Plane-Power alternators. Together, we represent hundreds of years of combined experience in innovating and delivering world-class products to the general aviation piston engine marketplace. We are well-funded, experienced and committed to continuing to bring innovation and value to the general avaition marketplace.

Probably more importantly, we've delivered what we promised. We have designed and now delivered a product that meets or exceeds our very high expectations. And we are just getting started! The products on the pages herein are real. Jason flies to work on one every day. We are hurredly working through FAA certification and are very bullish on our ability to deliver an FAA certified product in a relatively short amount of time.

Stay tuned to this page for updates and the latest developments. Things are moving very quickly!

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