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We're not anti-social, really!

We are still hard at work on certification efforts. Is it going well? Um...yes, if by "well" you mean, "painfully slow."

As we get closer to certification we will shout it from the roof tops, until then please disregard our lack of hype and puffery.

We are seriously heads-down and fully focused on the task of getting this amazing product FAA certified.

The good news: we now have thousands of hours of cumulative flight time on more than 50 experimental units world-wide and hundreds of pounding testing hours in the test cells. Yes, we've broken just about everything - most of which neither we nor our development partners could have seen coming. That's why we LOVE our development and testing partners so much! This is working and working WELL!

The product is now more stout, reliable and "bullet proof" than we ever could have imagined it. This is going to be very, VERY good. Certification ahead. Stay tuned!

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