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The SureFly Electronic Ignition is FAA CERTIFIED!

It has been a long drawn out battle, but we can finally announce that the SureFly Electronic Ignition is CERTIFIED!

How We Got Here:

The certification path has taken us down a dual STC path, which means an Airframe and an Engine STC are required to install a SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) on your airplane.

The project to certify the SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) for use on GA aircraft was initiated with the Chicago ACO in mid-2016.

The engine STC was finally issued by the FAA back in November of 2018.

The Airframe STC was just issued in February of 2019. However, the FAA stripped all twin-engine aircraft and all turbo powered airframes from the submitted AML without explanation, warning or just cause.

The Good News:

All single engine fixed wing aircraft (Identified on AML), are now permitted to install the SureFly Ignition Module (SIM) but it must be configured by the installer to fixed timing mode. Why is this good news? Now all single engine fixed wing aircraft (Identified on AML) can benefit from the improved reliability and zero maintenance (no overhauls, no rebuilds) of the SIM. Flight schools and fleet operators have already shared their excitement of this unique benefit of the SureFly SIM!

The Great News:

Grumman AA-5Bs and 470 powered Bonanza’s are eligible to be configured by the installer the SIM in the advance-timing mode!

The Bonus Great News:

For those single engine fixed wing aircraft (Identified on AML), operating in fixed timing mode, as soon as the FAA approves your particular airframe for advance timing mode, you need only reconfigure the SIM via the dip switches and reinstall per the installation instructions and boom, baby! You're running in advanced timing mode and saving on fuel use as well! A significant bonus indeed!

The BEST News:

Backorders begin shipping TODAY! We are building 4 and 6-cylinder SIMs just as fast as we can and will be whittling down the backorder list. To get your order on the list, please send Katherine an email to

Meanwhile, Moving Forward:

We are working with the FAA to restore our AML as proposed including use by twin engine and turbo-charged aircraft.

As always, stay TUNED and thank you for your continued patience.

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