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PIREP - Another Tiger

There is no other product out there currently that can give you this much return on investment for the price. In the past 20 hours I have seen a continued savings of 1 gallon per hour at all power settings,and the higher you go the better that gets. Engine runs smoother at all rpm, starting is easier hot or cold, can decent from altitude leaving the mixture at altitude lean all the way to pattern, before always required bringing up mixture in lower altitudes, now does not care. And the best of all no Mag maintenance for the life of your engine for that side. I just wish they had for both mags. Probably the only somewhat negative is you will need a full engine analyzer, JPI or, if you do not have and also a good thing anyway. Tiger Bill

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I had dual impulse couplings, and my left mag failed, so I put mine on the left side. I connected the manifold pressure line to take advantage of the timing advance. I would agree with everything that

Thank you to all of you early adopters who took advantage of pre-certification and early FAA certification pricing prior to 12/31/2019. We established our target prices of all 4- and 6-cylinder SIMS m

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